Jan 2010

An interactive non-standard fabrication project realized by integration of research and education

Modular spatial robotics and ubiquitous CNC-fabrication are two emergent technologies which affect design, construction and constitution of the built environment. The protoCology system combines both techniques in order to establish an ongoing casual dialogue between users and built environment. This dialogue employs the modalities of interaction, reconfiguration and fabrication of unique building components, ideally at equal speeds. ProtoCology consists of a) a real-time virtual model for fabrication and interaction control, b) a streaming fabrication pipeline, c) a database for lifecycle tracking of individual components, d) and intelligent building components. The prototyped ecology of components is developed to serve rapid design sessions in Hyperbody’s protoSpace laboratory. All components connect magnetically, via the magnets they transmit power and information. Each component is unique and in the initial implementation can be produced in an hour, at a material cost of <€50 including electronics. After improvements, fabrication time and cost are expected to drop fourfold.

Project Team:
Head Tutor - Christian Friedrich  
Coordinator - Chris Kievid
MSc2 Students - Rene-Paul van Leeuwen, Michel Stienstra, Sander Apperlo,Gerben Knol
BSc6 Students - Igor Leffertstra, Marjolein Overtoom, Jasper Schaap, Jaimy Siebel, Wilson Wong, Frank Brunschot, Bao An Nguyen Phuoc