Beginning of 2009 the research group Hyperbody started a hands-on MSc2 track to redesign a new building for the protoSPACE 4.0 lab.
The interactive protoSPACE 4.0 pavilion is custom designed to be a state-of-the art laboratory for the advanced design and fabrication strategies in architecture. The initial design of the Interactive Pavilion was developed and engineered in the hyperBODY Spring 2009 MSC2 studio. Students emulated a project team of six specializations, and over the period of a semester iteratively collaboratively developed their design. Every three weeks, a rapid design ‘BodyCheck’ session which included all stakeholders was held.
A 10% section of the pavilion was manufactured in collaboration with researchers of hyperBODY and engineers of Komplotmechanics, effectively developing a novel approach to the fabrication of large scale free-form volumes which employs CNC hotwire cutters and milling machines.

Head Architect - Kas Oosterhuis
Semester Coordinator - Chris Kievid

Head Tutor - Christian Friedrich
Design Tutor - Gijs Joosen
Students - Yang Shi, Viss Naoum, Jonas Sin, Jun Jie Yan, Roxana Palfi, Urvi Sheth, Kristof Gornicki, Soran Park, Stella Lam, Mingyu
Seol, Melina Mezari, Kwok-Tung Chun, Agata Kycia, Aurélie Hsiao, Gustavo Nascimento, Erwin Osch, Marco Cimenti, Harikrishnan Sasidharan
Scripting Expert - Owen Slootweg
Structural Expert - Bas Wijnbeld
Interaction Expert - Mark David Hosale
Fabrication Expert - Marco Verde
Material Expert - Charlotte Lelieveld
Additional Illustrations - Jan Jacobs
Project Team Fabrication - Chris Kievid
Owen Slootweg - Jelle Feringa