Immediate digital fabrication and production environment

This is the first Streaming Fabrication Environment - it coined the term streaming fabrication. I developed it in 2007 for a follow-up of the AASA07 'Immediate Architecture' workshop at UTS Sydney.
The virtual environment matches the current state of a physical assembly, e.g. an interior or an entire building. The application allows for material reconfiguration of the material environment by one-click digital fabrication of new nodes. 
It  proposes unique building components based on input, and behaviour of individual users and user groups. Proposed components comply with constrains of material and production process. The application outputs digital drawings that can be fed directly to laser-cutting machines in order to fabricate new nodes.

Nodes of virtual space are superimposed on physical space

A tactile interface senses user actions that change the virtual environment and may trigger fabrication

On trigger the environment generates DXF drawings for digital fabrication of new building components

Drawings immediately enter the fabrication stream

Generated fabrication drawings are optimized for high production speed

Cutting a new node takes about 5 minutes

An assembled node

RFID chips can be used for immediate identification and interaction of nodes