Feb 2013

In 2013, Hyperbody MSc2 embarked on a project dealing with the design, fabrication and assembly of a prototype for a compact multimodal studio apartment. The project was developed in active collaboration with Blauwhoed, a leading Dutch real estate developer based in Rotterdam. The design task given was to design a small but well equipped apartment 50 m2 that has all the spatial qualities and functional performances of a standard 100 m2 apartment. To reach that goal the technical installation had to be designed as to cater radically different kind of usage during the course of a day / week / year. When you are in the living room you do not use the sleeping room, when you cook you do not use the bathroom etc. At one moment of the day the complete space could be either living room, kitchen, sleeping room, etc. Imagine the luxury of a bathroom of 50 m2, or working at day and relaxing the other part of the day in a extreme makeover of the same 100 m2.

With use of Hyperbody’s CNC machines and industrial robots, the students created five protypes at scale 1:1.

Blauwhoed Casco
Rotterdam Delfshaven
June / July 2013
Bridges Enschede 2013
Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture
Saxion University of Applied Sciences Twente
July 18th - 31st, 2013

Adriaan Kees van Gool, Ana Anton, Andrei Musetescu, Behic Can Aldemir, Diamadis Tegkelidis, Elisabeth Travlou, Evita Pronk, Guangkai Liang, Iulian Ivan, Izabela Slodka, Jasper Manders, Javi Vidal Bernabeu, Jiun Yu, Jeroen van Lith, Karolos Michailidis, Koen Kegel, Léon Spikker, Leon Zondervan, Maciej Wieczorkowski, Mallika Arora, Matthew Tanti, Mikal Papež, M.N.B. Valk, Mohammed Al-Khalili, Qiushi Wu, Sarah J. Roberts, Serban Bodea, Sol van Kempen, Steph Kanters, Vasiliki Koliaki, Vivien Wu, Wessel van Beerendonk, Xi Guo, Xindroe Volmer

Teaching Team
Design Tutors
Prof. Kas Oosterhuis, Nimish Biloria, Henriette Bier, Christian Friedrich, Matteo Baldassari
Workshop Robotic Fabrication:
Jelle Feringa
Workshop Interactive Architecture:
Gary Chang
Workshop Physical Computing:
Christian Friedrich