Jun 2014

Kiteboarders have always been dependent on the weather. It is KiteSim’s mission to create a simulator that enables you to learn and practise kiteboarding indoors and independent of the weather. To makes this dream come true, two simulators were developed: a full-scale “frame” with realistic force feedback, and a more simple desktopset. Both compatible with the Oculus Rift virtual reality system.

Frank & Frens led the development of the project, and worked in close collaboration with TU Delft and Berkelaar MRT to create the simulation model that drives both simulators. We were also in the lead for designing and finetuning prototypes and did a lot of testing with pro’s such as world-renowned kiteboarder Ruben Lenten (Len10) to fine-tune the experience.<

At KiteSim our goal is to develop a realistic and fun kitesurfing simulator that allows beginners to start kitesurfing in an easy and safe way. But also allows pro kitesurfers to train in perfect conditions. We are developing the KiteSim simulator in collaboration with the TU-Delft and design agency Frank & Frens. The simulator is based on a realistic computer model that simulates the forces on the kite, the rider and the lines. These forces are exerted trough the simulator and experienced by the rider. The actions of the rider are measured and used as input for the simulator.